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For the first time in three years, there will be an IP Law Summer School in Cambridge in Summer. There was an IP law Summer School in 2020 but it took place entirely online.  There were presentations on IP law in Cambridge last year given by the usual speakers but they took place in December. We had a dinner and pub quiz but not much else.  We also had to give the last few talks online to comply with public health regulations.  

If you want to know what happens at the Cambridge IP Law Summer School, look at my write-ups for 2017 and 2019.  The event is attended by some of the leading practitioners in this country and abroad.  For instance, on Tuesday 16 Aug 2022 I will introduce Sean Leach from Mathys & Squire, Hiroshi Sheraton from Baker & McKenzie, Andrew Payne from TaylorWessing, Matthew Shade of Wilmer Hale, Andrew White of Mathys & Squire, Timothy Powell of Potter Clarkson and Lucy Barnes of J,.A, Kemp,

I will speak on standard essential patents and FRAND as I have in previous years but this year I will discuss the consultations that have been carried out by the EU and the IPO and some of the cases that have been decided since the Supreme Court's decision in Unwired Planet v Huawei and others  [2021] ECC 17, [2020] UKSC 37, [2020] Bus LR 2422, [2021] 4 CMLR 3, [2020] RPC 21, [2021] 1 All ER (Comm) 885,  [2021] 1 All ER 1141.  In particular, I will discuss the Court of Appeal's judgment in Nokia Technologies OY and another v Oneplus Technology (Shenzhen) Co Ltd and others [2022] EWCA Civ 947 which was handed down last Monday. I analysed in Appeal - Nokia Technologies and another v Oneplus Technologies and others (13 July 2022 NIPC Law) yesterday.

But it is not all hard slog.   You will have fun if you come.  There is a pub quiz, city tour, barbecue, black-tie dinner and above all punting followed by a pint or three in The Mill afterwards.  It is there that you will make useful contacts and get valuable tips on IP law that never find their way into textbooks.  Also, Cambridge has lots of other attractions such as theatres, cinemas, museums, shops, restaurants and the Bodyworks dance studio (see Jane Lambert Ballet. Bodywork and Bits in Cambridge  15 Aug 2017 Terpsichore).

If you want more information, contact Ashwini Mandalia, the conference manager on 020 8052 0400. 


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