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Bell sounds but is anyone listening - Recommendations for the Future of the British Life Sciences Industry

Jane Lambert

The life sciences industry makes a lot of work for my branch of the legal services industry so when Professor Sir John Bell, the Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford, delivered a report to the government on a strategy for life sciences, we were full of anticipation.  The life sciences industry was one of a handful of sectors that were identified as engines of growth in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's green paper, Building our Industrial Strategy, earlier this year (see page 97) and Sir John's work was specifically welcomed in that consultation document (see pages 102 and 105).

Sir John has now delivered his report, Life Sciences Industrial Strategy – A report to the Government from the life sciences sector, at the Institute of Translational Medicine of the University of Birmingham in the presence of Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Business and Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health (see the University's press releas…

IPR Helpdesk: Case Study on IP Strategy

Jane Lambert

Last week I answered the following question from Will Roebuck, one of my readers: "What do start-up entrepreneurs need to look for in a good IP lawyer?" I replied:

"Probably the most useful professional adviser will be one who can help you to use IP to meet your business objectives. That is known as "IP strategy" which the American lawyer Jackie Hutter described as the combination of business acumen with IP knowledge to provide business focused advice (see Hutter What is an IP Strategist? IP Asset Maximizer Blog)."

My article elicited a number of comments including this one from Julian Potter of WP Thomson:

"hi Jane, I am interested in the idea that IP strategists are a new type of adviser. It is certainly the case that in recent years one has seen a number of individuals and organisations refers to themselves as IP strategists, that seemingly being their only skill in some instances. However, identifying IP and formulating it within a cl…

What do Start-up Entrepreneurs need to look for in a Good IP Lawyer?

Jane Lambert

In response to my article on patent revocation, Will Roebuck wrote:

"Thanks for posting Jane - given that we want to attract more (and probably much younger) business entrepreneurs into UK, post Brexit (particularly in the Northern Powerhouse region) what's your recommended advice for choosing the best patent/IP legal expert? What do start-up entrepreneurs need to look for in a good IP lawyer?"

Here is my reply.  Will, this is for you.

The first thing to say is that intellectual property is far too important to be left to IP lawyers and patent and trade mark attorneys. IP should be on the curriculum of every business school in the country. Every entrepreneur, investor, business owner and manager should know how the law protects his or her brands, designs,technology and creative output and how to leverage such protection for the benefit of his or her business.

If you do not already have such knowledge and experience, there are a number of crash courses like t…

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