IP Law Summer School 2020

Jane Lambert

Since 2017 I have been invited to speak at the Cambridge IP Law Summer School.  I shared my experiences in Cambridge IP Law Summer School 2017 on 20 Aug 2017 and Cambridge IP Law Summer School 2019 on 19 Aug 2019.

I am sorry to say that Downing College cannot host us this year because of the COVID-19 emergency.   Happily, not all is lost because Informa, which runs the course, has made arrangements to hold it online (see IP Law Summer School   10 to 20 Aug 2020).

I shall deliver two papers:
When I was invited to give the first talk in November we had every hope of a decision of the Supreme Court on the topic.   The Court had heard argument on those matters in Unwired Planet International Ltd and another v Huawei Technologies (UK) Co Ltd and another as long ago as last October.  Sadly, we are still awaiting judgment.   My other talk will discuss research that Professor Frederick Mostert of King's College and presented to the WIPO last September (see  Study on Intellectual Property Enforcement Measures, Especially Anti-piracy Measures in the Digital Environment  23 July 2019) as well as some of the discussions at the 14th session of the Advisory Committee on Enforcement).

Regrettably, there cannot be any punting, pub quizzes or dining high this year but Informa has provided facilities for online networking and it appears that there will be opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors. 

Now that does not sound too bad to me. With any luck, we shall be back in Downing next year.   Anyone wishing to discuss this programme should contact Alice Muasher on +44 (0) 20 7551 9217. Anyone who wants to talk to me about FRAND, SEP or copyright enforcement should call my clerk, Stephen, on 07986 948267 or send me a message through my contact page.


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