What is the Midlands Engine and how does it affect IP?

Jane Lambert

I have started a Midlands Engine resource page in NIPC East Midlands that is similar to the Northern Powerhouse resource page in IP Northwest.  The term is used in relation to a set of initiatives that were announced by Philip Hammond MP, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in The Midlands Engine Strategy on 9 March 2017. There is also a Midlands Engine Partnership with a website and a number of publications.

As to the relevance to IP, I wrote:

"The support of enterprise and innovation should result in the creation of more inventions and other intellectual assets as well as funding for development and marketing. Licences will be required to deploy technologies that will improve connectivity and raise productivity."

I have begun a short bibliography which includes my article on The Midlands Engine of 7 Dec 2015 NIPC East Midlands.

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