New IP Judicial Appointments

Author Basher Eyre Licence CC BY-SA 2.0 Source Wikipedia, Rolls Building

Jane Lambert

Congratulations to Richard Meade QC on his appointment to the High Court bench (see the Judicial Appointments Commission press release of 4 Sept 2020).  He will take up his appointment on Monday.   As I said in Appointments to the Court of Appeal 2 Aug 2020, Sir Colin Birss's elevation to the Court of Appeal gad left a vacancy in the Patents Court. It will now be filled by Richard Meade. Interestingly. the JAC press release stated that more High Court judge announcements will be made as the year progresses.

In yesterday's communication to members of the IP Bar Association, Daniel Alexander QC congratulated Richard Meade and Sir Colin Birss but also reminded us of other appointments.  The Chancellor, Sir Geoffrey Vos, will be the new Master of the Rolls.   Simon Clark, Philip Harris and Brian Whitehead have been appointed to hear appeals from hearing officers in trade mark matters and in the case of Dr Whitehead's case, trade marks and registered designs.

A number of other interesting issues were discussed in Mr Alexander's communication including remote hearings, procedural reforms in IP cases, mitigating the effects of brexit, participation in consultations, representations to government and cooperation with other IP organizations which I shall consider later.   Anyone wishing to discuss this article or anything mentioned in it can call me on 020 7404 5252 or send me a message through my contact page, 


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