Mapping Enterprise

Jane Lambert

The State of Small Business: Putting UK entrepreneurs on the map , which was compiled by Nesta (the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts) in collaboration with The Sage Group Plc, is a data-led guide to the state of small and medium enterprises ("SME") in the UK.  It is accompanied by a website called "The State of Small Business" which provides detailed information about how such businesses are performing and changing in each area. The authors hope that decision-makers will take advantage of the data to understand their local business environments and thereby assist them to drive growth and productivity locally and nationally.

  • Know that the productivity puzzle must be solved at a local level,
  • Devolve capacity, not just powers, 
  • Hold local authorities and devolved areas to account,
  • Simplify business taxes, 
  • Support the development of basic digital skills, and 
  • Create better access to data.
Their recommendations to local governments and other local policy makers are to:
  • Know their local business landscape,
  • Create a local, data-based strategy. 
  • Respond to their sector mix,
  • Involve local businesses in policy decisions, 
  • Focus on digital skills, not just infrastructure, 
  • Make accessing business support as simple as possible, and 
  • Boost their number of SME suppliers.
Over the next few days I shall look at each region of the UK to see how SME are currently supported and how their support can be improved. If and in so far as I can assist with such support I shall point that out too.

Should anyone wish to discuss this article or business support in general, he or she should call me on 020 7404 5252 during normal business hours or contact me through my message page.


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