IALCI Seminar: Enforcing IPR in England and Wales

Jane Lambert

IALCI stands for The international association of lawyers for the creative industries. It was founded in March 2013, during Paris fashion week to provide useful and up-to-date business and legal know-how and solutions to the creative industries.  Its main goal is to enhance the collective knowledge of the creative industries, by organising seminars, webinars and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS), talks, google hangouts, podcasts, TV programmes about, and by publishing articles, newsletters, blogs and books on, business and legal topics of critical importance to the creative industries and entertainment sector.

One of those seminars took place on Tuesday, 10 Feb 2015 on the law of luxury goods series: intellectual property – how to protect, manage and monetize the know-how and intangible capital of luxury and fashion brands. Alexander Rozycki and I spoke at that seminar.  My presentation, which appears above, was one of three talks on enforcing intellectual property rights ("IPR") in Europe. The others were by Holger Alt of von Boetticher in Berlin who spoke on enforcing IPR in Germany and Annabelle Gauberti of Crefovi.

Holger and I had already worked together the previous weeks on behalf of a small Yorkshire company to pre-empt an ex parte injunction application in  Germany. If anybody wishes to discuss my presentation, the seminar or enforcement of IPR generally, call me on 020 7404 5252 or use my contact form.


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