Introduction to the Law relating to Branding: Passing off, Trade Marks, Geographical Indications and Domain Names

Jane Lambert

On the 25 Sept 2013 I led a seminar on the law relating to branding at 4-5 Gray's Inn Square.

This was part of an introductory course on IP law which started with the Introduction to IP Law on 26 June 2913. The slides and notes from that talk can be read and downloaded from my post "Introduction to IP Law" on 1 July 2013.

Although I gave my talk without slides I have produced a set for the benefit of those who were not there and you can read and download them here:
Introduction to brands from Jane Lambert

I also gave each attendee a set of notes and a memory stick which you will find here:

Introduction to the law relating to branding from Jane Lambert

The next talks in the series will be on Creative Output - Copyright and Related Rights which will take place at 4-5 Gray's Inn Square on 30 Oct 2013 between 16:00 and 18:00 and Technology - Patents, Trade Secrets, Design Rights, Plant Varieties etc on 27 Nov 2013 between 16:00 and 18:00 at the same venue.

Those talks will be the foundation for more advanced workshops and seminars that we shall give later.  If you want to discuss anything in the slides or notes, do not hesitate to call me on 020 7404 5252 during normal business hours or message me through my contact form.


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