We can now field a cricket team

Robert Griffiths QC

A lot of IP law relates to sport. Trade marks, association rights, broadcasting copyrights, patents for sports equipment - you name it  There is some IP in it somewhere. Our chambers have always been strong in sport and one of our stars is Robert Griffiths QC. Not only is he a sports lawyer, he is also a sportsman with a particularly strong interest in cricket.  Imagine my delight yesterday morning when he called me to say that he realized that he was actually an intellectual property lawyer as well as everything else and offered to lead our IP, Technology and Media Law Group.  I shall be adding his details to our blog shortly,

Other new team members with a strong interest in sport include Samuel Okoronkwo who knows all there is to know about football as he is an FA licensed lawyer and agents as well as barrister and Ruhi Sethi who is a long distance runner. Ruhi is a great addition to the team because she has practised as a solicitor and understand clients' needs perfectly..

I am not sure which sports Alexander Rozycki and Christian Panayi play but I am glad they are on our team because they are very good lawyers. Alex has very close links with Russia and Eastern Europe and a solid background in international law. Christian has a useful business experience in media and communications as well as an in depth knowledge of the relevant law.

Other new team members include Alex Khan who joins me from NIPC. Alex carried out his doctoral research at Birmingham medical school and knows his stuff when it comes to biotechnology and plant varieties.  We also have some promising pupils and outstanding overseas associated tenants,

If you want to learn more about our team or any of its members call Steve or his colleagues on 020 7404 5252 or fill out our contact form.


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